Synopsis: 1. Stop 2. Jump 3. Go is the story of a person obsessed with numbers, measurements, and calculation. These compulsions help one to make order out of the disorder of life.  But, when even the regimented day to day becomes too much how do we escape the counting?

Director’s Statement:

This short, experimental film is a direct homage to Chris Marker’s Le jetée.  The homage is not so much a narrative or even thematic reference. More so, I was interested in telling a story that could only exist in the montage of stills.  The result was a film that assumed the perspective of a person who sees not reality, but a series of measurements, delineations, and fragments that help him or her to maintain control over life. This fragmented view of the world is not the way life naturally unfolds, nothing should be so certain and calculated. So, when the character starts to question is or her actions we see moments of motion picture (24 frames per second approximating natural perception of movement) because this uncertainty is characteristic of the natural way of being; therefore, the fragmentation conveyed by the stills is replaced with fluid, moving scenes.  In the end, I dedicated this piece to André Bazin, the French film theorist who highly influences all my work. This film in particular I think speaks to his chief preoccupation in classical film theory. That is, that the distinguishing characteristic of film art is its ability to re-present reality and so films should only use montage sparingly and thoughtfully, opting instead for communication through the setting, blocking, and camera movement. In other words, the voice of the authority in this movie represents a similar view point on the perception of life: fragmentation is not natural.     

Screenings:   Cucalorus Film Festival. Wilmington, NC. 2010.

                         CAM/now “Night of Shorts” Screening Series. The Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Kirby Horton Hall, Durham, NC.


                         Big Muddy Film Festival. Carbondale, IL. 2011

             Boston Underground Film Festival. Boston, MA. 2011

             Indie Grits Film Festival. Columbia, SC. 2011

             Athens International Film and Video Festival. Athens, OH. 2011

             Tarheel Shorties. Greensboro, NC and Carrboro, NC. 2011

             The Light Factory Filmmakers’ Showcase. Charlotte, NC. 2011.

Awards:    Best Student Short Film-- Indie Grits Film Festival. Columbia, SC. 2011.