I have committed the cardinal sin for a blog. I have not posted for multiple weeks.

While I am not sure that my readership is large enough to have affected a wide-reaching public sentiment I will never achieve such a following if I don't keep it up. Also, I was lucky enough to receive an e-mail from a kind-hearted stranger asking for more. So, to him I am thankful, and to my blog I apologize.

For my comeback post I have decided to initiate a sort of blog diary on the making of my first feature film (in progress). This story stretches back to 2005 and so there will be some re-tracing of steps. It may be mostly for myself, if it is I apologize a second time. But, this film has become my sole, singular, professional obsession. This is why I feel compelled to share it with friends, family, and strangers who may find it interesting. 

Weekly I will divulge a piece of the story. As I said, right now we are right in the middle of the story. So, like Walter Neff in Double Indeminty I am going to start in the middle of the action, with a spurting wound in my side and a story to tell.

October 2012. The month that my first feature film Harvest is supposed to start shooting. We were actually supposed to be several days into shooting by today. Earlier this year Mobius Films had come aboard as producers, casting was underway, the lead in this primarily one-man show was signed up (see below). Locations were scouted. This would be the year we would beat the drum, we would laude, we would lionize.

No Hollywood drama is needed to explain why it is not happening in October. It all comes down to money. It makes the world go around and, as it turns out, the film mag as well.  The postponement, however un-dramatic in its reasoning, is particularly crushing this time around because, well, it's not the first time around.

The film fell through the cracks two years ago and it was, unlike this time, quite sudden, quite unexpected and quite profound. But, that story is part of the reason for this series. So we will get there in time.

For now,  I will leave you with the story of the film. From there we will travel backwards in time. Flesh out where it came from, why it means so much to me, and how it is evolving.

Hank Colby is a solitary man of the Appalachian mountains where he harvests ginseng to make a living. He spends his day to day carrying out a series of tasks, probably the same tasks and in the same order for decades. Harvest finds Hank arriving at a crossroads. Hank's routine begins to crumble under the weight of a changing world and a specter that haunts the forest and his home.