Red Balloon Films and Mobius Films present an independent feature drama, Harvest. The film is set to begin principle photography in Floyd, VA and Western NC during October 2012 and is looking for its primary cast.


Sunday July 15th

1 pm – 6 pm

Wake Forest University

Annenberg Auditorium, Carswell Hall

1834 Wake Forest Road  

Winston-Salem, NC 27106


Character Descriptions are as follows:


Hank Colby:  Male (50s, 60s, or 70s):  This is the lead role.  Hank has spent his entire life deep in the Appalachian Mountains in a home he was presumably born in. Hank has a firm routine and a slow pace to achieve his many day-to-day tasks. In the film we witness Hank’s routine unravel as several factors come into play that bring him to an existential crossroads. Hank is a calloused and somber exterior concealing an internal vulnerability as he approaches the unknown.

(Note: Hank is rugged, rough, and unhewn. If you do not look like this currently, but can, please provide a head shot that shows you in your rugged state.)


Supporting roles

Brenda Wainright:  Supporting Female (40s to 50s): Brenda is a southern, country girl born and bred. She has spent her adult life behind the counter of small gas and grocery store left to her by her mother. She is warm and sweet and just the perfect foil to Hank’s no-nonsense demeanor.

Tony Baldwin: Supporting Male (50s): Tony serves as Hank’s best and possibly only friend in the world. He is slightly younger than him and acts almost as a custodial younger brother. Tony is a polished outdoorsy type. He looks just like L.L. Bean says an older outdoorsman should look like.

Bernard Ferguson: Supporting Male (late 30s to 40s): Bernard is clearly not from Hank’s world. He has a darkness in his demeanor and an otherness that causes unease. He possibly has a mid-Atlantic or European accent. He is quiet but when he speaks it is sharp and stirring.



Any questions regarding roles, scheduling, etc, forward to: